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Ivy Off™ - Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Skin Cleansing System

  Ivy Off gel works like a magnetic sponge, penetrating the affected area, attracting and binding with the toxic resin (urushiol) and the antigens (your body's rash-causing response), lifting them to the surface of your skin where they can be easily washed off with the Ivy Off specially formulated soap.

 Ivy Off is effective even after the rash has erupted. The itch will subside immediately and the rash will dry within 24 - 48 hours. If applied early, the rash will not even appear.

Ivy Off is a must-have for every first aid kit.

 Whether you're an avid camper, fisherman, hunter, sports enthusiast or simply enjoy the outdoors be sure to include Ivy Off with your other emergency items.

  • Campers and hikers trek through poison ivy almost everywhere or burn it in their campfires
  • Sport fishermen encounter it along the shoreline or on the surface of the water
  • Hunters continually come in contact with it while lying in wait for hours, but only come home with poison ivy.

 If you are an outdoor person, there's no way to avoid it.  Only Ivy Off can prevent you from suffering for weeks after the memory of your adventure has faded away.

Ivy Offsaves you weeks of suffering.

 If you are an outdoor person, there's no way to avoid them. Whether sitting around a fire on a camping trip, canoeing down river, hiking through the woods, or simply communing with nature. Z-Pel'em will keep those pesky mosquitoes and other flying insects from ruining your good time.

US Military NSN# 6508-01-500-2457

US Military NSN# 6508-01-500-2457

Z-PEL'em™ - Natural Mosquito and Flying Insect Repellent

 Z-Pel'em™ is the only effective NON-DEET formula that works up to 10 hours.  

  • Patent pending formula of essential oils
  • All natural ingredients
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Safe for use on children
  • Great citrus ​smell
  • May be used on most clothing
  • Prevents bites that may cause encephalitis, West Nile virus or Lyme disease

 Z-Pel'em is a must have for every first aid kit.  Whether you're an avid camper, hiker, fisherman, hunter or just love the outdoors, be sure to include Z-Pel'em with your other emergency items.

 Campers and hikers love  the woods but sometimes even netting won't keep those pests

 from biting.

 Hunters, afraid to reveal their position after lying in wait for hours, don't want to swat those mosquitoes that land on them and start 'feeding'. 

 Parents of little leaguers will want to prevent their future all-stars from being bitten. (And watching from the bleachers makes you fair game, too!)  Unlike other products Z-Pel'em is safe for children because it is made from all natural ingredients and does not contain DEET.   

 Sport fishermen may spend hours in mosquito infested areas, hoping for that one great catch, but only end up as bait for the bugs. 

  Even if you're only one of those people who likes to putter in the garden or hang around the backyard or pool, flying insects can prevent you from enjoying those relaxing moments especially at certain hours of the day.

US Military NSN# 6505-01-512-8504

US Military NSN# 6505-01-512-8504

ZERYM™ - Insect Bite & Sting Antidote Treatment

 Zerym patent pending formula is available as a spray or cream and provides immediate, actual relief, unlike other products which only temporarily mask the symptoms at best. Zerym reduces the swelling while quickly penetrating to isolate and neutralize the toxins, allowing the body to heal itself, naturally.     

 After a bite or sting, the proteins in the toxin attach to the proteins in the skin and spread the toxin to the surrounding tissue. The primary active ingredient in Zerym is a modified free amino acid (the building block of proteins) which neutralizes the toxin by attaching to and breaking down this protein chain preventing it from spreading. Your body's immune system does the rest.

 Zerym works on ALL insect bites and stings. It also helps eliminate the risk of infection from open sores caused by: 

  • Fire Ant bites              
  • Mosquito bites
  • Insect bites​
  • Stingrays
  • ​Sea urchins
  • Spiders 
  • Jellyfish stings
  • Sea Lice
  • Bee & Wasp stings​
  • ​Fire Coral
  • ​Horse Flies
  • ​Fleas, ticks & bedbugs


US Military NSN# 6508-01-587-9818

US Military NSN# 6508-01-587-9818

UltraClot Hemostatic Cream - Stops Bleeding Fast

 UltraClot OTC Hemostatic Cream - Stops bleeding fast while preventing infection. Controls minor bleeding due to cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. 

FDA approved #K082601.  

Provides faster healing than an ordinary bandage. Clots within minutes using a non-sting formula.  Contains antimicrobial properties which eliminate the risk of infection from open wounds. Effective even on  drug resistant bacteria. Same formula used by the U.S. Military and foreign militaries to stop major arterial bleeding. 

UltraClot OTC Hemostatic Cream is ideal for people on blood thinners, chemotherapy patients, dialysis patients, diabetics, draining wounds, bedsores, and incisions. 

FDA Approval # K082601.

FDA Approval # K082601.