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Real Testimonials

Ivy Off products have changed lives. Here are some comments from people that were helped by our innovative products.

  • Robert, MA - I was suffering from a poison ivy rash over more than half my body. I went to the doctor who gave me corticosteroid injections as well as topicals. Nothing seemed to work. All it did was temporarily reduce the itch and inflammation. After a couple of weeks the rash and itch came back worse than before. I finally found Ivy Off  on the internet. After one application, the itch was much better and within days the rash had dried. AMAZING!!!!

  • Marjorie, NC - My son, who is 8 years old, got a very bad case of poison ivy all over. The doctor prescribed steroids for him. He said that it was the only thing that would help him until the rash went away. I didn't want to give him steroids so I decided to look on the web for alternatives. I found Ivy Off and thought I'd give it a try. I called the company and spoke to customer service who answered all my questions and concerns. All I can say is that IT WORKED. I'm glad I didn't give my son any steroids.

  • Bill, TX - I always thought poison ivy and oak was a vine. I found out that poison oak can grow into a tree, especially if it's near water. Long story short, I got a really bad case of it which refused to go away until I used Ivy Off. I figured I had nothing to lose, especially since it had a money back guarantee. The rash was gone in days,. Thank you. I will tell all my friends about your product.

  • Ann, GA - Our company clears the brush from the (electrical) lines and our people always clean up with Ivy Off at the end of the day. We've been using it for years and wouldn't be without it.

  • Tom, VA - I just wanted to say thank you. I am 75 years old and used to roll around in poison ivy when I was younger. I never caught it. When I called, they explained that you can catch poison ivy for the first time at any age. All I know is that I used your product and it was gone in a couple of days. I'm glad I called and tried it.

  • Jeff, MO - I live next to a state forest and I can't get rid of the poison ivy.  No matter what I try, it keeps popping up. I get it at least once or twice every year when weed whack my yard. I finally found Ivy Off a few years ago. Now, at least when I get it, I don't have to suffer for weeks. I treat it immediately and it 's gone in days.

  • Kathy, NJ - I'm hypersensitive to poison ivy. In the past, when I got the rash it would last for weeks, even months, and spread all over. It was terrible. All I can say is, thanks Ivy Off. Since I found out about your product, I keep an extra bottle of Ivy Off on hand for emergencies.

  • Bruce, FL - My family and I go on vacation to the Caribbean every winter and we have been using your products for years. Z-PEL'em and Zerym keep us from getting bitten and stung to death instead of enjoying ourselves. Thanks.

  • Dave, AL - I used your Zerym in the military and it really worked. I take it with me now on all camping trips. 

  •  George, FL - I was stung by jellyfish when I was snorkeling in the Keys, it was excruciating and nothing helped. The welts lasted for almost a year. The next time I wanted to go snorkeling my buddy said to get Zerym. He had used it in the Navy. Was it lucky for me. I got stung again, but this time I had Zerym. The pain and swelling were gone in minutes. I would recommend that you have it before going in the water.

  • Debbie, SC -  I refuse to put DEET on my kids. Thank you for giving me an all  natural alternative that really works. After using Z-Pel'em, I found that it works better than DEET. 

  • Arthur, NY -  I'm on blood thinners, specifically Coumadin, and I usually end up in the emergency room when I get a scratch because I can't stop bleeding. Once, it was a mosquito bite that wouldn't stop bleeding. I finally discovered UltraClot OTC Cream. It stops my bleeding within a minute or two. I always have it with me now. It's a lifesaver.